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GSBot Commands

GameSenseBot is a new project we're working on to bring you a better chat experience! GSBot can understand certain commands in order to submit questions during shows and even fetch information from The Blue Alliance! See below for a list of commands that GameSenseBot can understand:


  • !command Input1* Input2* (description)
  • *if necessary

GameSense Commands

  • !question yourQuestion (submits a question)
  • !q yourQuestion (submits a question)

The Blue Alliance Commands

  • !tba teamNumber (Links that team's TBA page)
  • !name teamNumber (Gets that team's name)
  • !record teamNumber (Gets that teams season record)
  • !record teamNumber eventCode (Gets that teams record at that event)
  • !events teamNumber (Gets a list of events that team is registered for)
  • !help (Prints a help message)

Adding Commands

If you would like us to implement a command, send us an email at [email protected]!

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